Lunar Seating Concept
Cabolake Project Cafe & Bakery boutique shop
The Union Town Abstract digital art
Table Furniture Design
Floral Sculpture Artistic wall sculpture
Iconic Facade Villa Facade Design
Massive Light fitting concept
Outdoor Garden Sculpture Building environment for the better moment
Bench Furniture Concept
Display Unit Fine design of shopfitting display unit
Light Fitting Getting out of the standard
Rich Fountain Fountain concept
Built in Sculpture Space installation for seating area
Cabinet Wardrobe design
El Océano de Oro Restaurant Interior restaurant design
Desk Unique furniture
Furniture Concept Unique experiance and beauty
Launge Bakery design concept
Treehouse New level of treehouses
Wall Sculpture Unit sculpture concept
Architectural Design The importance of space and time
Curved Mirror The concept is to emphasis the massive curves of the free standing mirror
Bunny Mirror The Bunny Mirror is a result of cuteness thoughts of the mo
Furniture Mirror & Sofa
Seating Set Unique modern design of set of seats
Retail Interior Interior design development and shopfitting concept
Curved Wall sculpture
Emperor Sculptural wall mirror
Restaurant Design Burger house
Cafe Design Interior design concept
Headboard Furniture design
Architectural Design Farm House
Since 2005, specialized in the industrial and products developments, Interior turnkey and work Execution, retail branding and design development, architectural designs and developements

E:T by Thaqeb Alserhan 


EXPORTING: TALENT, E:T, is a Kuwait based, established in 2005 by Architect Thaqeb Alserhan. 


It started as an interior design & interior contracting office specialized in retail developments, providing the market with the best design solution.  Now it expanded its facilities to include productions. It is formed from a talented and specialized team with a recognized service quality. 


Awarded Best Small Business in Kuwait on the level of the GCC Countries for year 2013, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain. 


Development of architectural and interior design for commercial, hospitality, retail planning and master planning concepts. 


Architectural and interior projects planning including architectural business developments and real-estate investments. 




2 Your Thinking Loud 

Step by step


We can provide you with the required advanced services in the Technical part which is the starting point for most startups projects such as store concept, design, layout, space program, area schedules, finish materials, estimating costs, etc. .

Your Idea 

Step by step


We meet a lot of talented people that have lots of ideas, visions, or plans in mind for their future projects but don't know how to share with or present it to investors, banks, malls, etc. They want to take their biz, small or big, to the next level but don't know how?

For any project to move forward, it must have a technical study and financial study. 
The Technical Study is mainly includes
1- The Brand and its guidelines, and 
2- The Place and its concept.



The window was open. Two cats are fighting out there. Their noise can be heard clear and loud, not in the right mood to hear these kind of sounds. Holding in my right hand an old leather binder, filled with scribbles, prints and newspaper cutout. Scratching my chin with my other hand, then finger tapping on my wooden desk. The only source of light is coming from the window behind my head and these cats are not planning to end it soon! I am sure you never heard of me before but defiantly you will recognize what I had done. Taking a long time of deep struggled thinking and ended up to tell it all. Just excuse my weak writing skills as it isn’t what used to be but I need to do this by myself. My Secretary just quit her job last week. Good for her. Things are shutting down. That’s why I want everyone to know this story. They need to know. I am getting old and slowing down and I feel it’s about time to uncover the Never Told stories. Believe me, this is not another “oh another fictional story” nor “cool mysterious journals” that you pick it up from Barnes & Noble. Scripts from this book is directly from my real life, real experience, and real people.

Written by Thaqeb Alserhan




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Why E:T? 

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We are a friendly business environment with a long time experience with startups and entrepreneurship.
FEEL FREE to contact us or send us a direct message on the instagram when you want to move your project idea forward.

instagram: @thaqeb_alserhan_et